Mission Statement

CLASP Children’s Center provides quality childcare for Great Neck’s working parents and parents enrolled in training programs.  The Center supports all aspects of children’s growth and development in a safe, nurturing environment.  CLASP actively involves senior citizens, foster grandparents and high school volunteers.  Emphasis is placed on building relationships that help support the concept of an extended  family where children can relate to many generations and experience a unique continuity of care.

CLASP is committed to the belief that play is fundamental to the learning process and that children learn best when they are actively involved with materials, each other and their environment. Sensory exploration, discovery and interpersonal relationships are emphasized in an environment that enhances growth and self-esteem. The program reflects and encompasses the ongoing changes in our community and culture and supports children’s own choices, ideas and preferences.

CLASP Children's Center
80 Grace Avenue     Great Neck, NY  11021    Phone: 516.482.8090     Fax: 516.482.8497